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Up to now, the mattress was probably the only surface in the home or hotel room that could not be cleaned inside and out. It’s the surface that we have the greatest amount of contact with over a 24 hour period, so to us it was and is hugely important to innovate and solve this common problem by adapting our Medical Mattresses & Toppers for use at Home, in Hotels, Resorts, and other sleep surfaces. This is a new standard in healthy sleep technology.

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  • Hospitals, Hotels or at Home

    People at home, in hotels, hospitals, etc., needed more comfortable pressure reducing sleep surface and to be able to clean and disinfect the interior and exterior of their mattresses or sleep surfaces. With iCON technology, that’s now possible!

  • Expanding Supply Worldwide

    We decided to speed up the launch of our NuWay mattress topper product to help protect people. We offer our products across the world to give everyone a super comfortable pressure reducing mattress topper product that they can clean inside and outside.

  • Excellent Results in Lab Tests

    Study results demonstrated that the iCON Mattress was impermeable to the strains of E.coli, CD and MRSA assessed and has the potential to serve as an aid to prevent cross-infection.

About NuWay™ Global


Patrick Noel Daly – Founder and CEO – Seasoned Entrepreneur and Innovator. 20+ Years of experience in the Medcial and sleep tech space. Young Entrepreneur of the Year in Ireland in 1999. Mentor and Advisor to startups across the world. Based in Canada/USA.

Joe McSwiney – COO – Highly Experienced CEO. 20+ years of experience directing growth of global businesses in many markets including engineering and aerospace. A focused and structured leader and executive. Based in Seattle.

The inventor of NuWay mattress topper with iCON, Patrick Noel Daly, designed the sleep surface technology first for patients in Hospital to help prevent pressure sores, but with the impact of viruses like Coronavirus, he decided to make a version for home, residential, hotel, resorts, cruise ships and all sleep surfaces.

The NuWay with iCON core can be adapted for any mattress type. See below our own finished product range to offer to customers, or and we can collaborate with mattress retailers and manufacturers, so they can integrate our core technology into their mattresses. Our aim is to make “ICON™ Technology inside” available to everyone across the world.

Infection Control

Prevents fluid ingress to Foam Core

Cost effective

Excellent return on investment

Clinically proven

Used for Over 10 years in Healthcare

Easy to Transport

Comes in convenient Carry Bag

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

NuWay™ Mattress Topper

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

Ultra Comfortable Mattress Topper with iCON™ wipe-down interior core and washable cover to defend against superbugs and viruses.  A New Standard in Comfortable, Portable, Pressure Reducing, Home Hygiene Sleep Surfaces.  All sizes available.

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

DreamCair™ Mattress

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

The DreamCair™ Mattress is a Full Replacement Mattress with Non-Powered Adjustable Comfort and super-conforming, washable cover, and wipe-down Interior Core.

All-In-One Premium Sleep Surface Solution.

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

SimCair® Mattress

iCon Global Innovations Home Medical Mattresses

The original of our range. Clinically and Technically proven in Hospitals and HomeCare over years of use. Watch the video above to know more.

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